Wednesday, April 16, 2014

INTERVIEW: Resisting the Rancher's Roxanne Snopek

Today at Romance for Every World we have a special treat! We have an interview with Roxanne Snopek, author of the newly release Resisting the Rancher by Entangled Publishing.

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Where do you get your ideas?
In that instant between turning the steering wheel and hearing the blast of horn from the guy in your blind spot. Well. Only once. Actually, there are random moments throughout the day and night. I wish I knew, really.

Do you create the characters first and then come up with the plot or vice versa?
It depends. If my publisher wants a “friends-to-lovers” book, then I craft a rough – very, very rough – plan first. Then, I figure out what kind of people might get into the situation I’ve created and – most importantly – WHY they might get into it. I use astrology sometimes too, to figure out the inner workings of my characters. If it’s a book I’m starting from scratch, it’s almost completely characters. I’ll get a glimpse of a quirk, say a woman who draws concentric circles on her hand while she’s on the phone. Something very small. And I go from there.

Who is currently on your Kindle?
Books by two authors who are also have new releases this month: Robin Bielman (Wild About Her Wingman) and Jennifer Shirk (Fiance By Fate). I just finished First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones and have a paperback of Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie.

Why did you begin writing?
I always thought it would be the epitome of coolness and success to be an author. I’ve always written in the usual varied forms, but at one point, I simply had to try to write a Whole Book. Start to finish. It was incredibly uncool and a complete non-success (see how I did that?) but I considered it a huge accomplishment and determined to do it again and again until I arrived at the successful coolness I crave. Looks like I’ll be writing for a long time to come!

Your favourite book the you wrote?
A family saga that has yet to see the light of day. It might be best that way, but that’s the book that made me really feel like an author, all full of angst, suffering, ancient history, themes, hope, etc.  Yeah, probably best it stays under the bed.

The character that you created that you most connect with?
You know, I think it’s Sabrina Becker from Fake Fiance, Real Revenge. She’s a nurse-midwife and there was a period of time when I considered that career path. But I had three babies instead, all totally natural births. I was my own midwife, you could say!

What's next?
A novella that’s part of a fantastic series beginning in fall. I’m so excited about these characters! That’s all I can say for now but watch my website for more information.
Thanks for having me here today; it was lovely chatting with you!

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