Friday, May 23, 2014

REVIEW: Frances Fowlkes' The Duke's Obsession

Book Title: The Duke’s Obsession
Author: Frances Fowlkes
Release Date: 5/12/14
Genre: Historical romance

I have only been reading Historical Romances since the beginning of the year and I have completely fallen in love with the genre, especially Entangled's Scandalous line. 

Miss Fowlkes' book, The Duke's Obsession pulled me a little deeper into the respect and admiration for Historical romances. 

This was a sweet romance read. It wasn't a smoking hot, super sexy book, but I really enjoyed the change of pace from what I usually read (yes, I am a Brazen girl!) It was a lovely, sweet and engaging read. And just because it wasn't fan-yourself-hot doesn't mean that the sexual chemistry didn't sizzle. The sparks did fly between the hero and heroine.

My favorite part of the book was the super sassy and intelligent heroine, Daphne Farrington. I enjoyed the hero, Edward Lacey, but he wasn't what I've been used to reading in Historical Romances as he's not a stuffy, arrogant duke, which I enjoyed. Together they are a perfect couple.

The plot was interesting, I liked the clash of the American Heiress and an English Duke. It was a unique concept, which I found interesting from the blurb. The beginning pulled me in as immediately the reader sees Daphne's sassy personality in the opening chapter. The scenes moved along and a steady pace. It wasn't a fast-paced read, but a nice leisurely read. It is perfect for a beach or sitting out on a lawn chair.

The writing was well done. I enjoyed Miss Fowlkes craft. She writes snappy dialogue, wonderfully interesting setting and great point of view characters. 

I enjoyed this book and would give it a solid four stars.

Book Synopsis:
London 1818
An American Heiress Who Must Swallow Her Pride
Miss Daphne Farrington despises three things: England’s dreary weather, the grimy streets of London, and most especially the English aristocracy. Despite her misgivings, she must persuade the very English Duke of Waverly to save her family shipping business. If only she could ignore the way he makes her pulse race whenever she’s near him.
A Duke Who Must Overcome Her Prejudice
Edward Lacey, the Duke of Waverly, is convinced that the lovely Miss Farrington, with her penchant for numbers, is the woman he’d like to make his Duchess. But unless he can convince her that not all English lords are callous, calculating rakes, a dark secret will ruin his chance at happiness.

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Author Bio:
Frances Fowlkes lives in South Carolina with her high school sweetheart, three red-headed sons, and a spoiled standard poodle. When not writing about ardent heroes or strong-willed heroines, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing with makeup, and planning her next vacation.
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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed my book!